Project Management, including
   - professional and realistic project planning,
   - budget estimation, control and responsibility for the implementation and execution,
   - assigning and control of relevant team members, subcontractors and freelancers,

   - managing risk and issues, improvement of planning process,
   - progress moinitoring and reporting,
   - cooperation with vendors.

Effective tailored solutions, in the matter of
   - preparation of initial business scenarios relevant to the clients' needs,
   - converting initial business scenarios into realistic business plans,
   - business-to-business solutions,

   - digitalization process in order to increase the efficiency and profitability,
   - "less paper" solutions,
   - virtual and augmented reality solutions.

Supervision of design and engineering at various stages of the project
   - Initial design,
   - Concept development,
   - Basic design,
   - Approval process by a local authority or classification society,
   - Detail design,
   - Prefabrication drawings,
   - Bill of material estimation and final supply.

On-site inspections, surveys and measurements,
   - conducted by professional surveyor with more than 20 years of experience,
   - all measures collected by 3D laser scanner,
   - on-site registration process confirms properly gathered data,

   - reporting to customer about inspection results in clear readable way, using "less paper" solution,
   - virtual reality solutions based on 3D scanning gives possibility to continue inspection in the office.


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